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JavaScript Bible
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The bestselling JavaScript reference, now updated to reflect changes in technology and best practices As the most comprehensive book on the market, the JavaScript Bible is a classic bestseller that keeps you up to date on the latest changes in JavaScript, the leading technology for incorporating interactivity into Web pages. Part tutorial, part reference, this book serves as both a learning tool for building new JavaScript skills as well as a detailed reference for the more experienced JavaScript user. You'll get up-to-date coverage on the latest JavaScript practices that have been implemented since the previous edition, as well as the most updated code listings that reflect new concepts. Plus, you'll learn how to apply the latest JavaScript exception handling and custom object techniques. * Follows in the tradition of previous edition bestsellers, providing a thorough reference on JavaScript, the leading technology for making Web pages interactive * Serves as a reference and tutorial and is packed with numerous working code examples * Includes new developments in the ECMAScript 5th Edition standard on which JavaScript is based. * Promotes state-of-the-art industry best practices including progressive enhancement, unobtrusive JavaScript, and separation of development layers * Shows how to write scripts for mouse rollover effects, drag-and-drop, and interaction with stylesheets * Reviews deployment strategies that best suit your content goals and target audience Practical examples of working code round out this new edition and contribute to helping you learn JavaScript quickly yet thoroughly.

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